About US

  Repair and Add Flair to your shoes!

Contact us by email at lbeltran@shoebumper.com

Meet the Team:

Laura Beltran creator of the ShoeBumper processed her first manufacturing run November 2017

Justin Beltran is CIO of ShoeBumper launched the online store December 11, 2017

Madison Murphy is Chief Communication Officer of ShoeBumper and promotes our social media and client facing campaigns

What is the deal with this store?

ShoeBumper strives to revolutionize your shoe experience by providing ShoeBumpers to cover worn tips and prolongs the life of shoes. We are committed to providing communities with high quality solutions to help you spend less on shoes!  

Who is ShoeBumper?

ShoeBumper is devoted to helping solve life’s small problems with one small fix at a time.  At the core of the Shoebumper product is the desire to contribute positively to the community by focusing on

Life    Quality    Low Cost     Safety    Fun   Environment

We use packaging made of recycled material because we care about the environment.

ShoeBumper donates 10% of each sale to No Kid Hungry! 

What is your privacy policy?

We will never, ever share your information with a third party.  And we will never store your payment information because it is important to us to not only save your shoes but also your privacy!  

ShoeBumper is located in San Jose, CA 

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