Introducing ShoeBumper: a New Way to Prolong the Life of Your Kid’s Shoes

ShoeBumper is proud to announce the launch of it’s inaugural product - a self-adhesive rubber cap you place on the front of most shoes to cover up scrapes and hide unsightly scuff marks.

 Kids are hard on their shoes. They stomp, scrape, scuff and skid their way across the schoolyard and playground every day.  Now there’s no need to throw away a favorite pair of boots or sneakers. Simply add a ShoeBumper and save money while creating a stylish, unique new look!

 ShoeBumper’s are made of strong, durable rubber, and are flexible enough to mold to most shoe shapes and styles. The super strength self-adhesive backing allows for easy application and there are a number of fun shoe designs to choose from including: Rainbow and Leopard prints, Soccer Ball, Camouflage, Exploding Basketball, Glitter Heart and many more.